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Cassie, My mom is having a hard time with the loss. She says life just doesn't seem normal without her, she is trying to get used to a new "normal". For me, well, I've been thinking about her, and my whole family, a lot today. Seems to come in waves.

I'm wondering if your food binge is because your body needed it? Do you think there are times like that? Were you really hungry or just eating for other reasons? Maybe try journaling before/after you eat during those hard times?

Great job on already getting your weight back down, you are amazing!

i'm really hoping to not be over 124 when I weigh in this Thursday. I bought a small bag of skittles today. I had a little under 1500 cals, I wish it was only 1200.

Built, congrats on your weight and on your health and you wonderful perspective. You've got it all! I'm glad to read your updates since they are now so few and far between!

Quinn, keep it up!! Great job as usual! Glad you had fun with the hubby and the restaurants last week.

Runawayspoon,this weekend was brutal for me too. Luckily I have till Thursday to weigh in, altho that might not be long enough. I don't have a tape measure so all of my measurements are rather imprecise. Let us know how the measurements go

Mambo, 1 pound down! Yipeeee!! Great work, I know 1 lb doesn't come off easily. Keep it up the good work and I hope you track for a day or two this week to start getting into the habit again.
“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing—that’s why we recommend it daily.”
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