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I'm just reading this now and feeling very sad and angry. I wish I was there so I could have said something. Just feel bad for them. They probably don't have anything really positive in their life and are surrounded by scum. I'm glad you got up and left the situation...certainly the best and most mature thing to do.

Maybe you should go to a kick boxing class or something and get out that aggression. Or just take a long walk and try to reflect on brighter things and work through this in your head.

Cravings are really hard for me to. They come and go. I guess they might have to do with my PMS but sometimes I'm just crazy and work myself into a craving. Maybe you are getting "it" out of your system now and then you can go back to your "on plan mind-frame." Were you being too strict with yourself? Is there something else bothering you that you aren't addressing and therefore eating more to escape from something?

I'll be thinking of you and wishing you positive thoughts.
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