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Today was a much better day! I honestly just feel lighter by eating right. I have more energy, feel less sluggish, and just feel all around better about myself. I have taken all the advice given to me by you wonderful people to heart. I keep repeating to myself that their opinion of me doesn't matter, that only I can make myself feel bad. I mean, yeah, it was so very embarassing to have it happen. And yeah, I felt/fell pretty crappy about it. BUT, I am a good person and nobody can take that away from me. So...they should really just go to Old McDonald's Farm and get a lesson on animal noises. Right? Right.

Thanks again for all the support...everyone! My cravings are well under control, my calories are where I want them to be. I think a big part of my issue was that I was limiting myself so so much, I wasn't allowing room for error. There were days I only hit 800 calories. Not a good thing. So, my newest goal is to hit at least 1200 and enjoy a piece of chocolate or something sweet when I am craving it. That doesn't mean I am going to sit down and eat a huge bag of peanut M&M's every night like I used to. But 1 Hershey Kiss a day won't kill me. I found some pretty amazing fudgsicles that are very low cal, fat free and pretty low in carbs. YUM. They really fix the chocolate craving. I go camping in a week and I am hoping to have myself back on track so that I don't spend the whole vacation stressing about not eating this and not eating that. I am planning our family menu of good, healthy stuff (and a few S'mores, haha). Lots of fruit, veggies and protein. Hopefully by being proactive I will avoid the whole "I WANT TO EAT BAD FOOD" scenario.

Ooops, I am rambling again. Thanks again for all the support. You guys are amazing.
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