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You guys make me laugh about the scale...I've sent mine to work with my husband for 2 weeks before...

Kristyn, in order for that weight gain to be legit, you would have had to consume 22,750 calories over what you burned. Common sense check says that's probably not right. Folks that have already posted are right on track. Can you give yourself till the end of the week or so and see where you are then?

I had an unfortunate cramming-way-too-much-food-in-the-body episode last Wednesday, doubled what I should have eaten, and I figured if I got on the scale the next day I would just fall into the black hole, so I was really careful for the next four days, then weighed, and it was a much gentler way of assessing where I was than weighing right after. Get that stuff out of your system literally and figuratively (your head as well as your intestines ), then pick up and move on. You can do it!!

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