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I will first tell you what I tell my kids and I have always tried to live by:

No one can make you feel bad about yourself except YOU.

People who try to make people feel bad actually feel bad about themselves. Seeing someone else hurting and miserable makes thme feel better about themselves.

I second the "these people are cretins". IGNORE them.

Now to the cravings- you've shed 53 pounds. That is no small feat. Walk proud. I keep sugar-free gelatin in the house for sugar cravings. Sometimes, fruit just doesn't work. I sometimes top it with the whip cream that comes in a can- 15 calories for a good size squirt (and that's not even the 'lite' version). I also have kids so I know it won't stay around too long- no temptation to finish the whole thing.

I also allow myself a dessert every night. Sometimes it's stella d'oro anisette toast, sometimes two oreos, sometimes sorbet or sherbet. Plan it, stick to the quantity. Eat it slowly. Then- pick up a book, plan your menu for tomorrow, go back to fitday and look at your stats, your menus, talk to us.

keep on keepin' on....
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