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The longer the journey, the more interesting the sights and the more you appreciate the destination (there's my "Confusious says" moment). I strongly agree with jbottorf...who cares what the weight is as long as it's gone. That's a fantastic start. Don't be disappionted nor discouraged if that loss slows down. We're in it for the long haul. No quick, short-term fix...We want this permanent.

This is what worked for me in controlling hunger: check the pie chart and see if it's too high on the carb side, could be a carb crash. I try to make sure my carbs are clean, complex carbs, not simple carbs. And I also read that thirst could be mistaken for hunger pangs...try water.

One suggestion I have for you is TAKE PICTURES periodically...I know what you're thinking but it is an invaluable tool. Measurements also are a good motivator. Use all the tools that are available to you and above all be kind to yourself.

Remember also that you have a whole globe full of people here that are at different points on this same journey. The support, knowledge ane experience throughout this site is amazing.

Good luck...keep posting.

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