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Hi Ladies! Well...I did NOT meet my goal of 118# by 5/30/10 but, honestly, I'm feeling pretty good all the same. This morning I weighed in at 119. Measurements about the same. Honestly, as long as I'm eating healthy, proper portions, exercising, and getting proper rest, I feel successful. My 16-yr old wanted to do Body-for-LIFE so we started yesterday. I knew she was seriously when she set her alarm for 5:30 am this morning to do some high intensity interval training. Whew!

Mambo, you are doing so well! None of us are perfect and as long as you keep plugging away (like Sharon), you will reach your goal. I know what you mean about logging--I seem to do so much better when I at least plan and write down what I'm eating. Don't want to get "obsessive", but just want to stay mindful of what I'm feeding myself.

I moved my desktop to a more convenient location in my home, so hopefully I will be more active on the forums this week. Hope everyone has a wonderful week!
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