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Hi Kristina,

LIke you I have a whole lot of weight to loose 100lbs or more It sucks and its a long and hard journey. I started January 4th 2010 and by the end of february I had 33lbs gone!!! Boy was I pumped!!!!! But then I had a vacation in April and fell off the wagon and gained 10 back Not so pumped anymore....BUT that is behind me and Im back on the wagon.

for me what worked for the 2 months that I dropped the 33lbs was going to the gym at least once a day 5 days a week for 45 minutes of good strong for my eating well I started my day at 445am (yuck I know) and had an apple - then around 8 I had a bowl of special K or similar cereal. At about 1030 I would have another bit of fruit (cup of grapes, blueberries, strawberries etc.) and lunch time would either be salad or a bowl of homemade chicken soup. 230ish had a snack again with veggies this time (celery carrots broccoli etc) then after work I would go home and have supper either beef, chicken or fish and veggies (sometimes rice as well) and that pretty much worked like the cats ass for me. however it does get boring eating the same every day....

stick to it and go hard you can do it!!!!
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