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Congrats on that first 12 pounds Kristina! And hey so what if some of it was water weight...that's OK! It just means all that extra sodium from bad eating is washed away and you can feel good now knowing that each additional pound is fat that's gone!

I honestly feel that the best motivation comes from time, effort and results. Watching that scale go down by another pound is so exciting to me, and knowing that I really DO have the power to make it do that REALLY motivates me! haha

I actually used the BodyBugg armband to lose 35 pounds last year. I did great until about mid-November. Then the holidays hit and knocked me WAY off the wagon. Then from the end of December through the end of February, I was helping to care for my stepmother who was dying of cancer. She passed away on February 23rd. I really just haven't been able to locate my motivation ever since. But today I decided, she would certainly not appreciate being used as my excuse for gaining back all that weight I tried so hard to lose! So, since my BodyBugg subscription is now expired, I signed up today for this FitDay, and I think it'll be just what I need to get back on track!

Snacks are actually pretty important in weight loss, so don't totally deprive yourself! Make sure you start your day with breakfast, this is also really important! I love a cup of banana nut cheerios with skim milk and a banana sliced up on top! That's how I've started my day now for quite a long time and it just doesn't get old. haha.

Good luck to you!! We're all in this together!
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