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Talking Hey Jessica

I too was diagnosed with a underactive thryroid just a few months ago, and i know it can be a bummer but my doctor did put me on a medicine to help me out, also i am exercising more. (walking) My weight kinda gotta out of control and i didnt notice cause i was too busy worrying about someone else in my life and i started a sit down job and sat on my butt for 10hrs a day. Before i knew it I ballooned to 357lbs and that was as of May 19th and today June first i weighed in at 345lbs. So i know it can be done, we just gotta work at it and your body is not gonna react the same way a persons would next to you. If you need encouragement then please let me know. I am willing to help you and i too could use some words of motivation. Good Luck and well wishes. *Kristina*
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