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Hi Jessica! I've struggled with my weight just about my entire life (I'm 33 right now), and I was officially diagnosed with an underactive thyroid about 10 years ago. I really don't consider a thyroid condition to be a reason why a person *can't* lose weight, especially when it is diagnosed and counts are brought into the normal range by medicine. It sounds like your levels should be well under control by now, so in my opinion, your thyroid shouldn't have any affect on your ability to lose weight. I say, just make sure you've had your thyroid levels tested within the last year or 6 months, and if everything is falling within the normal range, then don't let the idea of a thyroid problem keep your motivation down! I lost 35 pounds last year, and I recently gained back a little more than 5. It's still a constant struggle, but my only problem is keeping my motivation up. Just stay excited about your goals and work hard, and you'll get the weight off! I do believe some of us have to work a bit harder than others, but it's not impossible! Good luck!
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