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Default Disgusting Weekend

I had the best terms of activities, being with my husband and friends, etc. However, in terms of eating, my weekend was totally disgusting. Friday night we went out to eat and I completely pigged out. Afterwards we got brownie sundaes. My calories ended up being about 2000 over what I expended. I figured that was it for me and eating bad for the weekend. Of course, it was a long weekend so I didn't feel that way anymore by Sunday.
Saturday I did all right. I ate a lot, but was still slightly under in calories. Then came Sunday. My husband and I went to the lake with a few friends. We had hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, dip, cookies, etc. I ate and ate and ate. By the time we left the lake I was stuffed, but then we all went back to my friends house. While the husbands barbecued with the kids, us ladies decided we should order pizza. Then my friend made cookies!
So, for the entire weekend I overate by about a pound and a half. That would be gross enough, except this morning my scale told me I had gained 6.5 pounds!!!! Is that even possible?!?!?!
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