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Originally Posted by jamesaaland View Post
It is always very important that you see a real doctor and not anyone who can pass off as such and you just pills. To my opinion is really bad to take diet pills or any other form abrupt weight loss. Since it may gain weight again after some time.

My experience after having dropped 25 kilos, I can say that it is far from being pumped up and completely committed to wanting to lose weight slowly. It is then the only way to maintain your weight ideal.

My advice is a good diet, never stop eating, but eating healthy and at least six times a day. And fundamental is that apart from exercising helps you lose weight your body to release stress.

But visit a good doctor.

I see and hear this all the time---eat 5 or 6 times per day. But what does that really mean?

I mean, what are you eating---especially for those non traiditional times/snacks? I would be indebted if you just provided a 1 day sample of what you eating so I can just get a mental picture to gauge what I need to do for myself.

Thanks in advance, I sure hope you can repsond. This question really has me confused, and probably shouldnt but I just dont get it!
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