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I don't recommend diet pills at all, they are expensive and typically speaking they are an unhealthy crutch and don't work anyway. It seems like I've tried most of them, and from experience I can honestly say they don't work nearly as well as willpower. I hate to say it, but the best way to lose weight is to eat healthy foods, watch your calories and make sure that you're burning a good bit more more than you take in. Which means you need to exercise almost daily. I also recommend you get a pedometer. I have one and I use it to make sure I've moved enough in a given day. Fitday is a pretty good tool to use for figuring out your calories in and out, but it's just a tool and only as good as the operator (hint hint). Hydration also seems to be pretty critical in weight loss, so drink lots of water, like 64oz baseline plus another 8oz per 10 pounds you want to lose. Oh and be warned the first 6-8 weeks will be especially brutal, your body will crave all the junk you took away from it, so prepare yourself for some rough days, and also a plan for self forgiveness cause chances are you're gonna cheat at least once in a while. After the first couple of months it gets easier, although it's still not a walk in the park.
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