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Originally Posted by tandoorichicken View Post
I think you're at a good level of calories for gaining, I wouldn't intentionally push it any higher. Here are some general comments:

1. Try to get a greater variety and amount of vegetables. You can gain a decent amount muscle with your sheer caloric intake, but please don't do it at the expense of your general health. Switch up your carbs so you maximize nutritional value, so instead of 3 cups of rice, try a baked or boiled sweet potato or yam.

2. How do you prepare your eggs? You can add more calories if you fry them nutritional oils like olive or coconut. You can also devil them with avocado and toss some spices on to up the antioxidant content.

3. If you are able to add in some milk you can use it to beef up your protein shakes with half milk, half water. It will last longer that way and won't hit your wallet as hard.

4. Out of curiosity, what's your protein/fat/carb % split?


1. I do sometimes end up eating a massive massive salad, whenever the mood(my body) hits me, its made of house greens, and the meat above. I'm actually so ridiculously sick of potatoes, you don't even know xD, student budget= potatoes every other day for the past year.

2. I fry them in virgin olive oil, sunny side up, then I put the yolk on the toast and crush it, it makes me feel manly. =) sometimes I don't eat an avocado but maybe a pear, orange, or whatever fruit I've on hand.

3. Yea I haven't thought of that actually, great idea.

4. No clue, it does differ with my different meals, but I do know I take in in excess of 250g's of protein a day.

Originally Posted by 01gt4.6
so no real food between breakfast and dinner?

Well, I usually get up around 11 or 12, and the timing goes like this:


2- snack

4-snack(pre workout if its a routine day)

6-snack(post if its a routine day)


9/10-dinner(if I didnt finish it)

11/12-nightime snack

For snacks, I might prepare a salad with meat and fruit if I'm not too full, or a peanut butter nutella sandwich. Usually I do around 4pm or so if I don't workout on that day. Perhaps I should add in my off-routine day schedule as well.

Originally Posted by waynegretzky
Wow you need to eat healthier than that, throw in a bunch of vegetables with all that meat! If you log your food into fit day you can see all the nutrition levels and see what you are short on.
Right on, I do neglect my veggie groups too much I believe. I just started using fitday so I'll be able to start recording/see what happens! I'll try to make more salads as snacks! I probably do have a lack of fiber in my diet. Will start adding oatmeal, as per suggestions by gym staffers. I'm just afraid I'll have too much iron in my diet from eating too much greens.

With the addition of multivitamins, I meet my daily nutritional vitamin values, so I think I'm doing decent there!

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