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Default Fitday keeps me on the straight and narrow!

I have used fitday every day since 2007, entering anything I've eaten because I want to stay slim as I enter middle age. That is, I used it religiously until I made the mistake of stopping last late spring/summer while I was going through a stressful period buying a house.

For a few months I engaged in lots of "comfort" eating (cake, ice cream, etc.) to "help myself" (to lots of junk food!) through. It sure was an uncomfortable and rude awakening when I stepped on the scale and saw I gained, not kidding, 8 pounds in just under three months!

I've learned from fitday that everything counts and it all adds up quickly, and just because you aren't counting your body doesn't forget one single calorie!

Back in the day people had to use calories books or silly "As Seen on TV" digital calorie counters if they wanted to keep track. I love fitday and can say it has been a success for me with keeping me honest! It's free and easy and I'm grateful for it!
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