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Default The good, the bad, and the ugly

Hi Amylee,
The ugly is what those cretins behind you are. You are to be commended for not turning around and slugging them. (I know violence doesn't solve anything - but sometimes there is something carthartic about thinking about it.)

The bad is those cravings that seem to just take control sometimes.

The good is that you have a pretty good idea when the worst of the cravings are going to hit you, so can do a little planning. In some cultures the monthly cycle is celebrated. It is time for women to get together, pray and connect. Why not plan for a little indulgence, by stocking up on things that seem "bad" but are the diet destroyers you might think.

100 calorie packs are great (a little expensive considering the contents) but at least you aren't faced with an open 1lb bag of chips.

Sugar and/or fat free pudding - the chocolate flavors are sinfully good, but calorie lite.

Popcorn - the 100 calorie packs or the lower fat variety for those salty/crunchy cravings.

Grapes. I am not much of a fruit eater when the serious cravings hit, but if there is a bowl of washed grapes around I'll occupy my mouth with grapes while the worst of the sugar craving subsides.

Sugar free hard candy and gum. I really like hard candies when the sugar monster hits - keeps the sweet taste coming, but even the regular kind has only a few calories per piece.

Finally do anything you have to do to avoid driving by a fast food joint. Sometimes just the sight of the old Carls Jr. is enough to make me what to pull in for a burger, fries, chicken sandwich, whatever.

53 pounds is great! You have worked hard to lose those pounds, you deserve to feel empowered and proud. So keep your successes in the front of your mind and push the little back-slides out of your mind.

Keep it up, girl, you are well on the way!
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