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Default It's my first day here!

Hey everyone! It's my first day here, so I just wanted to say hi to everybody.
My goal is to decrease body fat, develop some definition, and minimize persistent trouble zones (arms, thighs and back). I'm no novice at this; I've been pretty active on and off for many years, but it's the off periods that have made me heavier than I really want to be.

At one point in time when I was really on top of everything fitness and nutrition, I was about 125 and felt great. I want to go back to feeling like that

My plan is to squeeze in a little bit of cardio every day (no, I'm not a cardio bunny!), get back into lifting and do some kind of yoga/Pilates once a week. My body rebels when I drop below a certain calorie level, so my objective is to stay around 1,800 on cardio-only days and 2,000 on ST days.

I look forward to this journey and meeting all of you guys!
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