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Originally Posted by waynegretzky View Post
Those are great ideas!! She did mention a friend of hers lost a lot of weight using WiiFit and she has also mentioned that if she ever found a treadmill cheap she would like to get one.

Just recently they did go swimming and she was telling us how much the baby loved the water so i am going to look into that also! Thanks and have a great weight losing week!!
You're welcome, but I can't take the credit for those ideas. Most of those things are what my parents did for me. One year for Christmas they bought us a family pass to the Community Rec Center, and we've renewed it ever since. The kids love that place. My mom also paid for water baby classes for our kids, and now they are all on the swim club. One year for my birthday they bought me a stationary bike, and they've loaned me countless workout DVD's, usually I'm not allowed to borrow them until my folks can do the whole thing, but I'm a patient woman (well sort of). I will say the Wii Fit Plus was my husband's idea, and personally I love it. It's fun and it really doesn't feel like working out, it feels like playing. It was also an "ah-ha" moment for me when it told me on Christmas morning that I weighed twice what I should. And on treadmills, be prepared to spend a little extra. We actually ended up with an elliptical, because the treadmill I liked cost 3 times more than the elliptical that felt "just right". You might find a used one for a reasonable price, but don't buy anything until you've given it a test run. You should have seen me out shopping for the elliptical, I wore workout clothes and I bet I went 10 miles that day. I was so tired and sweaty at the end, but it was worth it. I love our elliptical, and because I love it, I use it - almost every day. Good luck, it takes time and dedication to motivate someone else.

Another thing that motivated me to get in better shape was a friend of mine. She was like me, in her 40's, chubby and not too worried about it. And then all of a sudden she heard a voice in her head that said "Why don't you run a 5K?". It's a long story, but she thinks it was the angel of another friend that had recently died of breast cancer. So she looked up how to train for a 5K and got started. She consequently dragged all her co-workers with her. That was 2 years ago, and now she's planning to run the New York Marathon this fall. And all the co-workers are now a running team and I think they call themselves "Losing It", or something. They've all lost weight and look fantastic. So I figured if they can do it, so can I.

So how do you feel about running a 5K?
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