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Default Stress and my MOTHER!

Hi Gals! (please forgive me if i vent a bit)

i have been trying to change my eating and exercise habits for a few months now and i have been doing GREAT. THEN, my mother comes to visit.

she is the type of person that complains about being fat, but doesn't want to do anything about it. i think that she is a little jealous that my husband and i have made such a drastic change in our lifestyles and have been successful with it, but she doesn't want to support me very much. she is also very high maintenance and difficult to be around sometimes.

in fact, during her visit we were discussing what to eat for dinner and she told me (in not so many words) that she and my step-dad "don't eat like you guys do and would appreciate it if we could just bear with them and do what they wanted" (again these weren't her EXACT words, but pretty close)

i tried to do my best with what we were "allowed" to eat, but the woman stresses me out SO much that i completely fell off my wagon and started stress eating (and drinking).

i am hoping that you ladies on this forum have any tips for getting through uber stressful/emotional times. how do you not just dive into chunky monkey and drown your sorrows in chocolate martinis?
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