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Originally Posted by mediterraneandoc View Post
Terribear, are you interested in weight loss, overall health and longevity, or both?

The time-honored Mediterranean diet is well-documented to be one of the healthiest ones out there, with improved longevity and lower rates of heart disease, cancer (breast, uterus, prostate, and colon), dementia, and diabetes type 2.

The "GI diet" (there's more than one) may do the same; we just don't have long-term scientific data.

For weight loss, the Sonoma Diet by Connie Gutterson is Mediterranean-based and a good one. I've written a Mediterranean-style weight-loss book, but won't mention it here because that would probably violate the user agreement. But it's good, too. There's also a "Miami Mediterranean Diet" book that I've not read.

Good luck.

Originally Posted by maddash View Post
Hi Terry,

A couple of years ago I did the Simply For Life diet, which was based on the GI diet. It's the best diet I've ever done... I lost 20 pounds without exercise (well, walking occasionally). I was never hungry (sometime there was too much food) and my skin never looked better. My PMS (which is generally pretty severe) all but disappeared. My husband lost 50 pounds in this time period. But, like any diet.. as soon as we stopped doing it the weight came back on. It was a lot of work for me in shopping and meal preparation. If one could discipline themselves to prepare the meals and eat the snacks, it really is the way to go.
Hi Guys!
Thanks for your feedback! In general, I was looking for something that I could stick with for life rather than consider it a diet. I want to lose weight and improve my health. Though I really don't have any health problems other than being over weight. I went to the library and then to the book store last night. I felt like the GI diet seemed complicated and was not sure I would stick with it since I was unable to find out how you calculate the GI.

So I went with the Meditteranean Diet, I purchased both the Mediterranean Prescription and the Miami Mediterranean Diet. I agree with you ,Steve, in that there seems to be more research on this diet and its proven effectiveness. I wish I had looked at the Sonoma diet, but chose to stick with the Miami one instead. Today was day 1 so we will see how things go.

Maddash, I never heard of Simply for Life I will have to check it out. Again, thanks so much for the feedback. I just check now after I already purchased the books. However, I have no regrets. I really feel good about my choice. It is to be my way of eating for life. Have a great day!!!
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