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I used to have issues myself a few years back, averaging maybe every other day if I was lucky.

Since the 'road to health' took to my life, my diet has helped.

Right now I can average a min of 2 per day.. sometimes I have 3 and all are floaters.
I get LOTS of fiber in a day
I do cardio 4-5 days a week
weights 2-3 times

and what I have found helps keep me 'moving' is good ole FLAX SEED.

Every morning that I have oatmeal, I myself add 2 tbsp of ground flax seeds to my bowl and stir (I started with a half tbsp and worked up literally lol)

Or I will add a tbsp to my yogurt, or add some to my salads as well.
I always try to have 2 tbsp a day and they are part of my healthy fats in my caloric daily intake as well.
May 25/10 stats
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mini goal : 185lbs July 23
Goal weight: 165lbs
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