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Originally Posted by blackrhino2 View Post
I think that eventually she will come around. It just might take a few years. People are resistant to change so maybe if she continues to see you walking the healthy lifestyle she will eventually feel empowered to do so herself. It is very psychological and it's hard to get our minds to change.

Great job on you and your wife's weight loss and for setting good examples for your daughter and grand baby. Keep it up!!
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Waynegretzky (he was - and still is - a hometown hero from my childhood ),

I was in the same position as your daughter 6 months ago, with less weight to lose. I had all the same excuses, and I would still have the same excuses if I didn't work or get out of the house without the children. I had very little help and was with my children 24/7, despite having a supportive husband.
Thank you for the ideas She doesn't get out of the house much as she also babysits two other children besides her own daughter now. It is very tough to get down there every week for us.

Another problem is she doesn't really have a supportive partner/spouse. He will bring home junk food regardless.
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