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Originally Posted by baxtman View Post
Today I started "The Biggest Loser" challenge at my work. I know that if I keep my head on straight, I can win, because I know that I have done it before, and I know how hard it is to do. Its not that I doubt the ability of my coworkers to lose weight; its that I have failed many times before and it is easy to fail. Losing this kind of weight requires total commitment to a changed lifestyle. My weight today is 244.5#. I want to be 190# by 5/10. Already, I am subconsciously trying to sabotage my efforts and it has only been 8 hrs. It takes a min of 6 weeks to form new habits, so I am 5 weeks, 6 days, and 16 hrs away from my goal.
Hey Mark. Just joined today and noticed your post as our weight goals ar kind of similar. You WILL make it if you make the commitment as you mentioned so you at least know what it takes. The thing is, instead of focusing on the negative sie of thing [i.e. 'I am subconciously trying to sabotage my efforts and it has only been 8 hours'] turn this on it's head to 'Hey, look at me I've managed to stay on the straight and narrow for 8 hours!'. It sounds simplistic but try it, you might be surprised. The essence of this is don't beat yourself up for what you might end up doing but reward yourself for the tasks you HAVE done. Just take it one day at a time my friend. You'll get there!
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