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Thumbs up Hey Guys!

Todays a great day! Thank you all for supporting me and supporting yourself in a journey to a better you and in the long run your babies! To answer a few questions, me and the hubby really dont wanna try until i get the weight down. I am working on it. Walking, trying to move around alot. IT CAN BE DONE, we just have to stick with it. Thank you all for taking my poll, i see a lot of us just dont have the MOTIVATION to get out there and do it. MY BIGGEST PROBLEM IS CONSISTANCY! I am the worse at that, not just at weight loss but in everyday life and work. lol. I am in San Antonio Tx so its hot here.... so i know thats gonna make me sweat like crazy! Haha... I have a sit down job so i have some odds against me but i am bound and determined to get this done. Seems out of everyone on here i am the HEAVIEST! but i dont mind, cause that means i just gotta work a bit harder.


I am looking for a DECENT scale... i dont want a digital cause they are constantly giving me inaccurate readings... i was thinking more along the line of one of the ones you stand on and the dial goes around but a heavy duty one. Like Health o meter, i just cant seem to find one here in san antonio, walmart and target have digital and i have one already but it give me the wrong reading everytime! Please help with ideas if you can!

Thanks so much guys... i am going to be posting weight progress every SUNDAY so you are welcome to join in on that day or whenever. Also i am going to be starting a weight loss facebook page to track progress and as soon as i have that up and running ill let you know. Until then if you wanna add me on mine, i believe its Http://

Thanks for reading guys!

Good Luck!

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