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No I haven't found it harder to make friends as I've gotten older. I'm 41 BTW. I will say that many of the women I was really close to when I was younger are still friends, but we're not as close as we were back in the day. I have a small group of really good friends I met mostly at the library. I know that sounds strange, but our local library has a story time that I take my kids to. My bestest buddies are all regulars at story time, one of them is the librarian and the others are all moms with kids the same ages as my mine. We make it a point to have a GNO (girls night out) about once every other month, and it's always a really fun time. The best thing a man can do for his longevity is to get married, the best thing a woman can do is to have lunch with her girlfriends.

I would say it might be easiest to make new friends while doing something you enjoy. There are lots of organizations that you can join to meet new people. I live in a small town, but even still there are sports leagues, charities, fund raisers, festivals etc etc. You might also take classes and meet new people that way, maybe an exercise class, or martial arts, or basket weaving. Check out the local paper "Events" section or the internet. In this town Community events are advertised in the water bill, the local newspaper, the Downtown Development Authorities website, the local Community Center bulletin board and at the YMCA. Believe me, there is always something interesting going on, the trick is to find it.
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