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Question Not health related.

Okay, I know this is a health forum, but I just need to ask some women a question, and get an honest answer back.

Do you girls feel that as you get older, you lose more and more friends? Or find it extremely difficult to MAKE friends?

I am only 25, but I seriously feel like I have no friends. Rather, I have a lot of "friends" but nobody that I can really talk to, or call my "best" friend anymore. Everybody that I used to hang out with is still all about going out and getting drunk (which I am not), or we have gone our separate ways. I have a couple closer friends, but I rarely talk to them - one of which only seems to call me now when she wants something (usually trying to get me to sign up for her pyramid scheme she's got going on).

I love my man dearly, and he really is my best friend, but sometimes I just wish I had GIRL friends to talk to. Somebody to vent to about work, or whatever.

What are your opinions on this? Do you guys find it hard to make friends as you've gotten older? Where the heck would I even go to find friends? lol...I feel like the new kid in school or something.

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