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Smile Hey Sarah

I just started trying to lose weight myself... I've been watching what I eat and found a friend to exercise with. One of my favorite exercises we do is upper body workouts. All we did was buy a DVD that has upper body strengthening as one of the workout options. It's nice because it has low, medium, and high intensity. We are both just starting out too, so it's nice to be able to select the lower intensity. It's fun to do, and I can see and feel the results without being overwhelmed and wanting to quit... Also, I bought a few sets of weights, just really simple, 3lbs. and 5lbs. It doesn't sound like much, but I learned very quickly that 3lbs. feels pretty heavy after a few minutes of working out, especially when you're just starting out... lol

So that's a suggestion, get yourself a workout DVD that has different levels of upper body and arm training... I really enjoy it, and it's fun to have a friend to do it with. I'm a little more motivated than her, but it's even more motivating to me to know that I have someone else depending on me to keep them going. lol It's nice to have the video to do at home, too. Like I said, we are just starting out too, so it's awesome being able to do the workouts in the privacy of my own home, especially those first couple times when you're sweating your butt off, saying you can't do it... lol

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