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Hi fitgirl (sounds like you're ready to drop the wannabe!),

I'm maintaining. I do cardio 4-5 times a week (right now it's either tennis or jogging). I do two full-body workouts with weights twice a week.

I've been kind of afraid to back it's not too much different from what I was doing when losing. I know I will change it up eventually, just to keep it different and I doubt I'll be playing much tennis when it's 95 degrees...I think at that point I'll hit interval training pretty heavily on the treadmill and exercise bike.

I have some DVDs and pilates that I can throw in there also. I think the key is to do more than just one thing over and over and over again.

Sounds like you have a pretty good plan. If it stops working, you'll know soon enough, and you can change it.

And now that you don't have to be perfect, you can be good.
-John Steinbeck
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