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FitDay is the best tool I have found for controlling your consumption.

If you use the food log, you will see that cleaning the kids' plate, finishing the pan and stuff like that add up to a whole other meal every day.

The Calorie Balance tool is a great visual for me. I finish logging food for the day, click on it and it shows me the side-by-side comparison of how much I consumed vs how much I used.

Trying to keep the consumption side as low as possible while still finding filling foods became like a game, for me. You will be surprised at which foods give you the best bang for your buck. Like, 1 cup of ice cream (Blue Bell, not sherbert) is generally fewer calories than 3 refridgerator type cookies. Veggies are always a good bet and you get full, great nutritional value and fiber. Just what the doctor ordered!

Good Luck! (By the way, when I started, I needed to lose at least 50 pounds. I started refining my eating habits and paying attention in August. I have lost 20 pounds!!! Keep the faith. It will happen!)
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