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Originally Posted by hollyj89 View Post
Richard, I would be glad to be your weight loss buddy. Once again, I'm sorry to hear about all you have had to deal with. The sibling thing is frequently ugly when it comes to the death of a parent. If you are anything like me, your response to that sort of stress is to comfort yourself with food. I just need to learn to not give in to allowing food to be my comfort and stress reliever.

I do have a yahoo account olliehay9 on there and for my email too. I look forward to communicating with you and supporting you in this endeavor.
Originally Posted by RichardBuckner View Post
100% wonderful. I will IM you offline. Yeah, I overdid the comfort food thing but am down to 203 from 221 in 15 days and feel great. Much more active and have hunger pangs and nutrition under control. Joined an athletic club and going about every day and walking a dog every day. Had a 2 hour hike with elevation loss and gain yesterday. Good luck to you.

Holly I have sent several IMs to you when you are on Yahoo but do not receive responses.

I ate over 2,500 calories yesterday and twice my quota of net carbs but am doing much better today. I am about caught up on my extra exercises and walking the dogs. I just HAD to have some carbs and ate a bowl of rice krispies. 204 on the bathroom scale this morning.

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