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I've been in her took me finally making the hard choice to find the time to schedule exercise even if it IS 4:30 in the morning!!!

Originally Posted by mtlgirl View Post
I was only slightly overweight as a child but my mother restricted my food as early as the age of 7 for me. She constantly tried to motivate me to exercise and watch what I eat and by the time I was a teenager I really resented her for that. As a result I gained about 10 pounds every year.

I am worried that your mere suggestions to her that she try to lost weight will hurt and anger her. She may subconsciously put more weight on if she gets resentful. I may be totally wrong here, it's just been my experience and I was constantly "encouraged" at a much younger age. One thing is obvious though, your love for your daughter comes through in your post. I think she's lucky to have a dad like you.

Best of luck with your continued success!
I agree with all of this...I came from a "clean your plate" family and was the youngest of 4 and I think had mom and dad left me the heck alone on my "picky" eating, that I probably wouldn't be struggling to the degree I am. Not only was it "clean your plate" but it was "clean your plate or I'll give you more and you will SIT there until you FINISH it all". I know that had a lot to do with my reward/punishment mentality when it comes to food.

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I read that you guys are a couple hours apart. What if you sprung for a cheap treadmill and then planned to train for a family 5k walk somewhere between your locations. She can even bring the baby in a stroller. That way she not only has the tool (treadmill) but something to look forward to (time with you guys) and a goal (5K) to work towards.

This is a fabulous idea!!! Does she have a really high quality jogging type stroller for the little one?

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