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Hi katarriffick,

I am starting to feel like I am following you around on these boards! Ha ha ha...

Do you have any idea when you and your Husband want to start trying?

Count me in. I went off the pill in the middle of April and started tracking my foods at that time. I have lost 5.8 pounds. I have since sort of fallen off the wagon of tracking my foods but have been focusing more on healthy eating that hopefully will result in weight loss and prepare myself for healthy eating during pregnancy.

Here's my stats:
Age: 34 (a few months away from 35)
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 145.2
Goal: Not sure here but I think I will shoot for between 138 - 142. I am more so seeing what my body is comfortable with.

Current nutritional goals: Load up on fruits, veggies and other healthy foods first to have less room for the not so healthy stuff. Cardio 4 - 5 times a week, steadily increase weight training each week (currenly 4 days a week for about 20-25 minutes)
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