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Sadly I am up .8 pounds. I am hoping it's due to Aunt Flo's visit early next week. I am still forging ahead.

I know what I did wrong - too many drinks on Friday followed my senseless eating way too late at night. Unfortunately this is not that out of the ordinary but I suppose identifying the issue is the first step towards trying to change it. I sound like I am making an excuse here but, my friends showed up at my house before we could have dinner and before I could go to the liquor store. That meant unhealthy eating at probably 2 AM since I was hungry (sure the alcohol contributed to that) and then drinking higher calorie drinks since I did not have my own light beer.

BUT here's what I did right last week - on Thursday when we went to the grocery store I bought a ton of veggies. I do not eat veggies. Well I was surprised I really liked them! I found the same thing when I incorporated fruit into my diet a couple of years ago. I actually craved cucumbers on Saturday! Weird... I didn't get as many veggies in on Sunday and actually missed them.

Monday and today I have a lunch packed with fruit, veggies, yogurt and grapenuts. My thought is if I fill up on the healthy stuff first, them there is less room for the not so healthy stuff.

I am also trying not to eat after about 6 PM. Last night I was hungry around 8. I waited, drank water, but the hunger did not pass. I eyeballed the leftovers from dinner and the crackers in the pantry but you know what - I had an apple. My body is going to freak out on me any minute now...

I feel like I am doing a lot of experimenting to see what works and does not work for me because ultimately I want to eat better without having to count calories.
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