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Good Morning!

Haven't been around as much as usual... once the weather gets nice, I'm out the door!

My second week of non-logging hasn't gone exactly as planned. I've actually lost two pounds mainly due to being VERY active, skipping meals and just not being hungry when it's this hot! Lots and lots of spring yard work and a vacationing hubby is keeping me on my toes. I've been eating out every day, too, since he's been home. Hmmm.... don't know. A lot of foods just don't appeal to me any more, although I've really been enjoying a big dish of my favorite frozen yogurt every night at my favorite ice cream shop!

I've added a lot of calories in, but I've also added a lot of new activity. It's a total balancing act... one that I obviously haven't mastered yet. Once you have it all figured out, a new season's activities, stress, vacations, etc. throw it all out of whack.

Keep up the good work everyone! I really enjoyed catching up on all of the posts.


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