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Good Morning Ladies!

This has been an unusual week for me in that I only lifted weights twice. Many distractions and, frankly, my body probably needed the break. Not having my laptop handy, I've resorted to tracking foods on paper the old-fashioned way. Sorry I haven't been as consistent on the forum-I've missed reading how everyone is doing!

Okay, my weight is still at 119#, measurements are inching their way slowly down. I usually just measure my waist and thighs (my trouble spots) which are currently at 27" (waist) and 19" (thighs). Since I set a goal of 118# by the end of the month, this coming week I intend to focus on clean nutrition (no free meals). There's nothing like having a definite target date to battle procrastination!

I look forward to reading how everyone's week has gone.
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