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Default FIBER and poo...

So how much fiber is everyone getting?

I seem to be getting 35-50g easy per day with all of the fruits and veggies I'm eating. I don't eat any fiber-filled supplements either.

today I've had/am having:
3cups spinach
1 cup blueberries
.5 cup raspberries
1 cup honeydew melon
2 stalks of celery
roasted bell peppers
1 orange
vegetarian meatballs made out of portabella mushrooms
low sodium spaghetti sauce

along with all of my other food choices (which are a lot! about 1400 cals for me today with everything else such as my protein sources), I'm getting 36g of fiber today, which is on the low side for me.

YET, I only go poo once a day in the morning, and I've heard it's normal to go more than once a day...what do you all think.
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