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Default Hi Lisa

This is my second time using Fitday. The last time, I don't think I even noticed that they had a forum. I just returned less than a week ago and am doing well. Fortunately, my obesity has not caused any health problems for me thus far. But at my age, 52, when I started this new eating program which really isn't one at all except going back to the way I ate when I was in the service, except less of it, I researched and read in depth the impact that obesity and morbid obesity cause. My kids are all married and grown, but I still have them and grandchildren that I would like to stick around for.

To get to your question, I get bored really easy, so I try different things to keep myself motivated. For me, just a second ago, I plotted out past this date to see how far the actual weight would dip below the goal weight line if I lost a certain amount of week in a week. For some that might be a de-motivator, but if it does, I will switch to something else as I do my eating program from time to time. I am on a normal fiber gram range diet 20-30 grams, optimal--25. I read about cholesterol and for now that has me hooked, so Fiber One and other high fiber cereals, like Quaker Heart Smart get a lot of attention from me. I am also trying to incorporate anti-oxidants because colon cancer ran rampid in my family.

I don't have a mantra but I do have my total cals posted in many places including the front door to keep me from going out to get munchies. I do not care if someone sees it because it shows I am making an effort. Another thing I have decided this time is if I know I don't like it, I am not going to eat it because some eating program tells me to. I am going to look on the snack list and choose what I do like, so when I am done eating it, I do not look around for something more caloric that I wanted in the first place. Right now, I am having fun with trying new recipes that are really low-fat and finding ways to add fiber. (What my mother used to call roughage.)

I hope this helps and as you can see by my signature that I have over a hundred to lose. The worst of it is that wasn't my highest. This is just for this time, but I am more determined now because although I thought I knew a lot about eating, nutrition, caloric burn, metabolism, bmi, I feel more educated now.

So long story short, if I can find this thread again, lol, I would love to communicate.



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