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i am 20 yrs old i weigh 155lbs and i have an apple body shape to the extreme. i cant even wear cloth shorts with out my stomach hanging over. i litterally have a visible line where my stomach fat stops and the rest of my body continues. somedays im so fat i look like im 9 months along but i've never had kids. i want to loose weight and show people that just because im fat does not mean im lazy. at one point i was at 145 then i went down to 105 now a year and 1/2 after being 105 im 155. i slim down only to balloon up to a heavier weight and im really struggling to keep a positive attitude. no diet or exercise i've tried has worked. i was even a veggitarain with a 1,000 cal. intake and i swam 4 hours 7 days a week. i went up 2 pant sizes. i want to connect with other apple shaped people or people who have the same problem loosing weight and mabey together we can fight off our un-flattering body shape.
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