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Originally Posted by montanacricket View Post
Last weekend was okay.

This weekend...we have deconstruction of the only bit of remaining deck, and excavation for the greenhouse footings planned. So lots of nailbiting and hauling of excess dirt. I should top out on exercise this weekend--usually I don't do my weekday workouts on the weekend for that reason.

Food wise, I want to keep my calories in check, but give myself my weekend treat of a couple of glasses of wine or a couple of beers. A good solid breakfast each day should help keep me in check.

Saturday the kids and I will be going to "dinners done right" and preparing 12 meals for the freezer. LOVE that place. It'll take us an hour or so and we'll have 12 good quality tasy meals in the freezer, ready to thaw and cook when we need them. And the best part of that is that I have all the nutrition info printed already!
Actually only had ONE beer this weekend.

I did get a ton of exercise in--just dodging rain drops was probably half of it!

And we got all of our work done too!!!

Bad thing is I don't think I kept the calories in check...I didn't really keep track very well *hiding* But today is a new day.

One thing I've noticed is that on weekends, I don't drink NEARLY the water I need to. Still working on that.

Chris--aka 'montanacricket'
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