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Originally Posted by egmdobbs View Post
I will:

1. Keep the urge to overeat at bay - Aunt Flo is also visiting my house (weird she can be at two places at once! ) It seems like I want to eat everything in sight today! - CHECK. I had a few too many chips and salsa yesterday, but other than that I did really well.
2. I will be volunteering at a wine tasting event on Saturday so I will try to choose healthy foods out of what is made available. I may actually pack my dinner since I will be volunteering and not attending. The wine won't be an issue - I don't really like it! CHECK. We didn't even get near the food tent and I picked up Subway before going. Got a ton of walking and sweating in too at the event!
3. Try not to fight with my husband. We see each other more on weekends and all the stuff we've been holding in during the week sometimes comes flooding out on the weekends. Try to just roll with it and not overanalyze. CHECK. No fights, but need to keep working on this one all week long.
4. Try to do something active/outside on Sunday. Maybe if it's nice, take my son to the park and run around after him for a while. NO CHECK. Little guy's got a little head cold and it was far too hot out to take him outside.
Not too shabby - will set bigger, harder goals over Memorial Day!

Here's to being "Thin by Thirty"!

Starting Weight: 235.8
Current Weight: 218.6
Pounds Lost: 17.2
Goal Weight: 150
Weeks at FitDay: 8
Deadline: July 17, 2012 - My 30th Birthday!
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