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I am also a mom to 6 kids and I was up to my highest weight -184, higher than any of my term pregnancy weights. I tried to lose with just dieting and would start fitday and then go off it and my weight would just yoyo back even higher. I felt I couldn't exercise because of one knee and one ankle having injuries and i was getting in worse shape. And I think that because I am now 52 it makes it much harder than it used to be for me to lose weight. Then I decided to try fitday again and just 10 minutes a day of low impact aerobics. I have only been at it one week now, but I am averaging 1750 calories a day and have lost 4 pounds and I feel really energetic and motivated. I really think the exercise has made a huge difference. I am going to continue like this, and not eat too little but just enough and get just that little bit of exercise each day. I plan to be 145 by December.
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