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Just checking in:

Originally Posted by almeeker View Post
For the benefit of my health and welfare, this weekend I vow:

1. Get in one really good workout. Went running Sat morning at camp!!! CHECK
2. Drink all my water every day, before I take a sip of diet coke. Unless of course there is no coffee pot, then I can have 2 cans in the morning, but no more until I drink all my water. NO CHECK
3. I will take my little calorie book and keep calories to 1,600/day no more. I took the calorie book, but I went over a little both Sat & Sun NO CHECK
4. When there is an unhealthy food option I will try to eat a limited and controlled amount or I will eat something I brought.CHECK
5. Keep my temper in check and to not yell at my kids (too much) or the offspring of others (camping with the Brownies this weekend).CHECK
6. I will try very hard to be a fun mom, even though I will be sleep deprived and Aunt Flo is visiting.CHECK
7. I will not make an issue out of any of the food choices of others. It is their life and they are free live it how they choose.CHECK
8. I will work on the garden once we get home from camping, weather permitting.CHECK
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