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Losing weight isn't just about control, diets, or exercises. Losing weight is about changing your life. I know that sounds dramatic, but its really not that big of a deal. All you need to do to lose weight is watch what you eat and find activities that will get you up, out, moving, and burning calories!

So, to answer your question, all I did to exercise was to get out and moving. Most of the time I just walked around or did some cleaning. Also, I cut out soda and replaced it with water which helped me to have more energy after the initial wake-up. Plus, it'll save you money if you get a filter and a re-usable water bottle.

Don't think about losing weight as an obligation to your health or your self-esteem (although those things are VERY important), but more as a goal you would like to acheive. A goal that will inspire your children to get out and have fun. A goal that will allow you to (hopefully) live a healthy lifestyle with a BIIIIG smile on your face.

I hope this helps!
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