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I've also been doing something akin to the c25k program, but I do it without any specifics. I am trying to to 3.1miles every time I get on the treadmill (shooting for 3xs a week). I try to run (at 5-5.5mph with a slight incline) for as long as I can and walk when my I need to catch my breath and get my heart rate down. The first time, I walked for a minute, ran for a minute and did 5k in 43.5 minutes. The second time, I ran a bit longer intervals (1-2 minutes between 1 minute walking) and upped my walking speed and did 5k in 41 minutes. I want to get to 40 minutes this week, but I'm going to florida for 4 days, so we'll see!

anyways! My point is, the challenge of it makes it exciting to me. I also am working on trying to do push ups and pull ups, so I've been working out my arms a lot, and am starting to see a difference! Knowing I can push myself to accomplish my goals makes it more exciting. it's not JUST about the weight loss for me anymore. I want to become an athlete. Find what drives you. It also helps me to change it up- I take spinning classes in between, which are difficult but rewarding!
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