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Originally Posted by m3rma1d View Post
I'm eating whole foods.
The only thing I've eaten that I didn't make myself from fresh ingredients is a minimal amount (2 tbls and under) of dressing on salads.
Also eating tons of fruits & veggies.
If anyone wants to look at my food log, just lemme know how I'd go about sharing it...

Am trying to do more exercise... Walking more and doing and some at-home stuff every day (situps, bit of light weight lifting, etc.)
That's great! The only suggestion, then- is to make sure you're getting close to all of your daily recommended vitamins (which is a huge reason I love fitday!). I can't seem to get almost everything unless I'm eating about 1500 of very healthy whole foods, but the key would be the types of foods. 300 calories of pasta is going to be much lower nutrition than a 300 calorie avocado. Also- keep amping up the exercise like you're already working on- it may take a while for your body to catch up, but when it does (mine is just starting to after 3 months of hard exercise and very healthy eating- i'm almost 30lbs down now, and it seems i'm starting to lose at a fast rate now than i was when i just started out! I'm also noticing some small, but wonderful changes finally)- you will not be disappointed!
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