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Hi Neighbor (well, I'm about an hour north of Portland).

My advice is to measure/weigh everything--it is very easy to underestimate portions and therefore calorie intake. Make sure you track EVERYTHING you eat/drink in FitDay.

I think 1200 (or less, even) for a while is fine, if you choose the food wisely. Drink LOTS of water--I prefer ice water as the body must burn calories to warm it up in your body.

If you're up to it, some sort of cardio for at least 20-30 minutes every day will speed things up even more.

It really does come down to calories eaten vs. calories burned. If calories in are less than calories burned, you WILL lose weight.

The advice to weigh once a week is good--especially for women--there is always that "one" week where fluid retention may throw off your progress.

Don't get discouraged--it CAN be done.

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