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Default Good For You

I have recently changed my opinion about WLS and I think if it is a tool for one, then it is his or her choice. It's not right for me because I am obese at 6'1" and less than a hundred pounds over my high end range for my height and 111lbs from my goal. I have no illnesses as a result of my weight. At 52; although, my father was diagnosed with Type II when he was about five years older than me and not overweight, I do not have it. I don't have heart disease or high blood pressure. What I am getting to is that WLS, even if I wanted it, wasn't an option for me.

I have learned from many resources that some people who have had WLS, do put back on the weight and there might be other addictive habits that might result from it; such as, overuse of alcohol because the effects of it are quickened by the increased speed at which it reaches the blood system and some might be trading one thing for another.

Regardless how you lost the weight originally, now you are in the same boat with those that have never had WLS and thanks for sharing. It really doesn't matter.
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