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Default Bought It.

Originally Posted by snapfue View Post
Just started it today. Have 60 pounds to lose! Having a hard time eating the 5 meals. Anyone have any suggestions or tips?
I bought it a couple years ago and it was too strenuous for me to do as I cannot bend at the knees due to prosthetics and I ended up giving the whole thing to my daughter.

That's not the first of my blunders. I bought The Red, you know that seat thing that you sit on and swing back and forth for the abdomen. It was a complete waste of time, even at the highest setting. I have various other "novelty" equipment that I have given away (some) and kept. I had that thing that you use while on your knees, grasp and roll out. I have the ab sit up thing, now I found that does work. I didn't realize how much I still have until I gave away my heavy weights and he went into the room where I was storing stuff until an addition is added. I had bought the shortened version of the 90 day workout by that 52 year old guy where you don't need anything but the door chin-up bar. I sent that to my son in AZ. Somehow I still have a small medicine ball.

I know all I need is my treadmill, Leslie Sasone walking dvd's, ab rocket (I think it is called.) and small weights. I haven't purchased anything in a couple of years.

By the way, my daughter is thin and I bet she hasn't used the dvd's either.
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