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Default Try weighing yourself a little less often

I know it sounds a little counter-intuitive. Among other things our weight does fluctuate a pound or 2 due to accumulation wastes, water, and food. But maybe more importantly everytime you don't meet your expectation and freak out your body is reacting. For some the reaction results in poor eating, lifestyle habits, and for others the body reacts by releasing stress hormones that can interfere with your weight goals. A weekly weigh-in is plenty.

Secondly, really really try to get a little more exercise. Start slowly so you don't find yourself aching the next day. But I swear nothing will help you more than getting the old body moving.

I am one of those people who have a very adaptable metabolism. 1200 to 1900, if I do nothing doesn't really make much difference. It is the exercize that really gives me the control over weight loss. Plus it really keeps be mentally balanced.

Good luck, dear - although there is little luck involved. Stick to your resolve and you will, indeed succeed.

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